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Yesterday we arrived to Edirne in Turkey

Today we took a walk and we visited 3 mosques, an archaeological site, a Historical Museum and an old marked, all of it within short walking distance. It is an amazing city.

The three mosques we visited are
Eski Cami from 1414
Üc Serefeli Cami from about 1447
Selimiye Cami from 1569

First we went to see the old Macedonian Tower and the excavation of part of the old city Hadrianopolis, founded by the Roman emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD)


Then we visited the Mosques. The first ones we visited had many local visitors in guided groups, learning about the mosque.

IMG_9089 P1030102

The third, and biggest, and most impressive one – the Selimiye Cami – looked bright in the morning sun

IMG_9077 IMG_9105


Inside there was a remarkable light and outside the mosque there was a remarkable live

P1030131  IMG_9107


Then we went to the archaeological museum. Here we found some very old images of men on horseback

P1030160 P1030153

On our way to the marked, we met symbols of Ata Türks modern Turkey

IMG_9035 P1030111

A young couple dancing with a peace dowe and a Olive branch under a fountain with lions

IMG_9038  P1030167


 After visiting the fishmarked we went to a restaurant and had dinner.