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Marry Christmas

To all our friends


Palle and Rikke

in Varna Bulgaria


We went out the 24. December to find Christmas in Varna

We looked in the streets of Varna


 We could not find the Christmas

We looked at the museum

IMG_8985 IMG_8984

 But we only found a 7000 year old gold treasure

We looked at the beach of the Black Sea

P1020974 IMG_1335

 But we only found relaxed and beer drinking people

It became darker and we looked at the harbour

P1020985 P1020983

but we only found a star and guitar playing boys

We gave up looking for Christmas and started to look for a place to have our dinner

P1020994 P1020992

and suddently the Christmas was there


Happy Christmas from Santa Claus, the Snow Queen and the people of Varna


Vice president in Association for World Education